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Dr. Paul Vallee has been diligently communicating the message of the Bible for thirty-seven years as a leader, teacher and pastor. Dr. Vallee has travelled extensively throughout the world which has helped him gain insight into the Ancient Near Eastern world and their values to understand the implications of the message to the first hearers, as a result, he has been able to apply those messages to a modern audience with greater accuracy.

What you will learn in Revelation Revealed

Often a confusing and difficult book to understand, filled with all kinds of incredible imagery, Revelation is a book that brings a message of hope in times of perplexity and crisis in the human story. In ‘Revelation Revealed,’ the author addresses the cultural background in which the ancient readers understood the text and shows the relevancy of that message to today’s readers.

Foreword - Tremper Longman III

Who isn’t overwhelmed by reading the book of Revelation? Whether a novice reader of Scripture or an experienced one the book is difficult to understand. Its imagery, though magnificent, is thick and often, at least to us in the twenty-first century, obscure. We read its violent pictures of the end of time and tremble, wondering what it all means, especially for us and our loved ones. We find ourselves asking, “Is the book of Revelation talking about the past, the present, or the future?” And, perhaps most pressingly, where do we fit into the story told by this last book of the Bible?
These are among the many questions addressed by Pastor Paul Vallee. He is clear-sighted and informed about the meaning of the book of Revelation. His commentary cuts through the difficult imagery and message of the book as he guides us into its essential meaning. Pastor Vallee is intelligent to be sure, but even more so he is spiritually sensitive and leads us into a clear and Spirit-filled understanding of this book.
Revelation speaks about the end of history and nothing is more important to us as we try to live in the present. Paul Vallee understands this and helps us understand the book of Revelation’s message.
Paul has been my student for the past number of years and he has shown himself to be among the best interpreters of the Bible. He has also been a pastor for many of years and is sensitive to the needs of his congregation. This book is written in such a way that everyone in the church can grow in their understanding of this often-difficult book. We should all be thankful for Paul’s intelligence and wisdom as he opens up the book of Revelation in way that we can truly understand it. I could not recommend it more enthusiastically to Christians who want to hear the voice of God in this amazing and often puzzling book of the Bible.

Tremper Longman III
Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies
Westmont College


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