The Bible’s Grand Finale and its Message to Us.

Revelation Revealed is an expository commentary on the biblical book of Revelation which explains the book in a clear and engaging manner. Often a confusing and challenging book to understand, filled with all kinds of incredible imagery, Revelation is a book that brings a message of hope in times of perplexity and crisis in the human story. In ‘Revelation Revealed,’ the author addresses the cultural background in which the ancient readers understood the text and shows the relevance of that message to today’s readers. The book originated out of forty years of biblical study and was spoke to a live audience for over 26 weeks. The response of the hearers encouraged the author to put into print with the audience described as a positive message, clarifying and removing much of the misunderstanding and fear by instilling hope in a world that at times seems confusing.


A Note from Dr. Vallee:

As a new believer in 1975, the first Bible study I attended in our church was on the book of Revelation.  Hal Lindsey’s book, ‘The Late Great Planet Earth,’ was a best-seller at the time.  What stood out to me at that time was I didn’t want to be left behind.  Later the series of movies were released with this theme, followed by the ‘Left Behind Series,’ by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins, that reinforced the early approach that was taught regarding the ‘End Times.’  My goal as a Bible interpreter was to let the Scriptures speak rather than popular opinion.  During the past few years, I’ve done an extensive study on the book of Revelation and have concluded that much of the popular ideas were more speculative than biblically sound.  Revelation Revealed is an attempt to look at the text as the first readers would have heard and understood it considering the Old Testament symbols and first-century background.  Looking at it from that lens has shaped the thinking behind the messages communicated to our congregation, desiring to give insight into the meaning of the book not only for then but how it applies to our time.  The response was overwhelming as people shared that the book finally made sense to them and brought hope which was the intent in the first century as well.