Keeping God Central in Our Lives

In the previous blog, I discussed the issue of addressing misfortune in our lives in order to move forward. Another significant issue in moving forward is addressing our own personal unfaithfulness toward God. It is an obstacle we must overcome in order to keep God central in our lives.

As much as things happen to us, there is also always what is happening within ourselves to contend with. One of the great things about heaven will be the absence of sin and therefore, all conflict. Each of us must address the sinful nature. Before coming to Christ, the sinful nature dominated our lives. When we come to Christ, his nature is born within us. We become regenerated by the Holy Spirit. We are now alive to God with a new desire to please God. However, our past sinful nature is not eradicated nor destroyed.

We now have as a responsibility to mortify our sinful nature (cf. Col. 3:5-9). We put to death our sinful nature by not giving in to it. There are two reasons why we can succeed. The first is that we are now empowered by God’s Spirit living within us. We must remember that the Holy Spirit and his power that lives in us as believers were able to resurrect Jesus from the dead. That’s the same power that can help us to overcome sin.

The second reason is that God’s grace both teaches and empowers us to say no to all worldliness and ungodliness (cf. Titus 2:12). Knowing what is right and having the power to do it is liberating.   

Too often we don’t make the connection between much of our own brokenness and our sinfulness. Repentance is a change of mind that leads to a change of behaviour. As many can attest, change is difficult. Unfortunately, it usually takes a crisis or pain to make us change. Yet for others, it’s a matter of discovery. Truth coming to bear upon our hearts, when applied can bring great freedom to our souls.

What are some areas that we can be unfaithful to God, thereby not keeping him central in our life?

            1. Neglect- One of the easiest ways to destroy a relationship is to ignore or neglect a person.  How many marriages have been destroyed by this one aspect of life? Do you have a quiet time with the Lord?  If you don’t spend time with God in prayer and in Scripture, how can you get to know Him? 

            2. Maybe the issue is distractions. Life itself has become so filled with activities and demands. When this happens, it’s really the issue of priorities. One of the great secrets to life is learning how to manage oneself. One of the keys to managing ourselves is by putting God first. Making Him your pursuit.

            3. Maybe the issue is indifference and apathy. We are reminded that when we think everything is just fine it may mean that we don’t see things as God does.  In writing to the church in Revelation at Laodicea, the church thought they had it all together. They had a false sense of security. People who are truly spiritual recognize their own inadequacy, sinful tendencies, and spiritual poverty apart from Christ. One of the most challenging obstacles to making or keeping God central in our lives is ourselves.


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